Price Calculation

On our homepage, in a little pop-up, a summary about an accommodation is shown as follows:

Accommodation name
2-5 people | from €16.50
up to €63 per person/night

In this summary, you will see the following characteristics of the accommodation:

  • – 2-5 people | Minimum (2p) and maximum (5p) number of people for which there are beds.
  • – from €16.50 per person/night | The most minimal price per person that applies when booking 1 ‘additional’ night (excl. any mandatory costs, see below)
  • – up to €63 per person/night | The most maximal price per person for which the accommodation can be booked (somewhere in the high season) (not included events)

This information is mainly intended to be able to compare the characteristics of one accommodation with the characteristics of another accommodation (no rights may be derived from these) but during the booking process, the actual price is dynamically calculated and built up from various items.

On this page, we explain how this works.

Accommodation price
The actual price per person* (excl. any additional costs) falls within that range (from €16.50 to €163) and is determined dynamically based on the following factors:

  • – Where you book (on our own site it is cheaper than, for example, on or
  • – Season (low season is cheaper than high season)
  • – Day/days of the week (Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday are cheaper than Monday and Thursday. While Friday and Saturday are the most expensive.)
  • – Public holiday (public holidays are more expensive)
  • – Event (during a festival, fair, performance of a famous band, it is more expensive)

*Note: for children and adults we use the same price for an overnight stay (you pay per bed, child’s bed or crib). Children receive discounts on breakfast and/or dinner.

Price Calculation
In addition to the accommodation price (per person / per night), the following items will be included in the pricing calculation:

Always (mandatory)

  • – Accommodation price (per night / person): from €16.50 to €163 (see above)
  • – Tourist tax (per person, per night): €2.15
  • – One-time cleaning fee (per accommodation / per booking): €5 per person or €10 to €40 per accommodation (price varies per accommodation)

Standard (choice)

  • – Made bed: €6 (duvet and sheet set)

Optional (choice)

  • Breakfast: A breakfast costs €16 for all guests 13 years and older. For children 4 to 12 years old, we charge €9 (toddlers up to 3 years old eat breakfast with the parents)
  • Dinner: A dinner costs €20 for everyone 13 years and older. For children 4 to 12 years old, we charge €11 (children 1 to 3 years old get their own plate for €5)
  • Bike rental: You can rent a bike from us for just €10 per day
  • Hot tub: You can book a “hot tub session” with us on any weekday morning or evening, for three hours this costs: from €60 to €80 depending on the chosen time slot
  • Firewood: buy dry firewood from us (from local trees) for €15 per wheelbarrow.
  • – Extra bed: In some accommodations, an extra bed can be added for €20. This price is all-inclusive for 1 extra person (including all additional costs).