For a designer and builder, De Helleborus is almost a ‘blank canvas’ and that will make you enthusiastic! You are familiar with eco construction and permaculture and are not afraid of DIY projects. In an agile work environment you are like a fish in water. You are a conceptual thinker and you have a clear vision and strategy.

We already have a lot of ideas for the site in the pipeline. In addition to making detailed designs for structures, you can also coordinate a construction project, both here on the site and in contact with external parties. You can manage a group of implementers, including volunteers, in collaboration with the supervisor. Of course you cooperate and you are physically fit.

Because we are not always building, you also support in a number of weekly or daily recurring tasks. Think of purchasing for the house and the inn, washing dishes in the catering kitchen, helping another team member at peak times and so on. In a quieter season it would be a nice use of your knowledge and experience if you could offer one or more workshops in the field of eco-construction and permaculture.

Hospitality & Garden

In the ‘Hospitality & Garden’ working area, the inn, the kitchen, the vegetable garden and the food forest come together. We work with the ground-to-mouth principle, which means that we feed ourselves and our inn guests directly from our land. You understand how this works and it makes you happy to manage this process. You have green fingers, are familiar with permaculture and have an affinity with gastronomy and Burgundian cuisine.

In addition, you are the face of the inn. This means that you check in and out of guests, have a chat with them and answer questions, stimulate meal sales, keep receipts, etc. You are involved in the provision of breakfast, lunch & dinner and ensure atmosphere and coziness on the table and in the accommodations. . Because we receive many international guests, it is useful that you speak at least English and preferably also German.

Together with the cook you run the kitchen and arrange the inventory with him and do stock management. In winter, prepare to plan for the new season and help refurbish the accommodations. In addition, you send the garden volunteers. And during a quieter period you can use your experience to give a workshop about permaculture or products from the garden.

Core team

Work with us in the core team 4 days a week. In return, receive board & lodging, a small expense allowance and help in achieving personal goals. You have 3 days a week to spend on your own. If you have your own project, you can use our facilities and we provide support where possible. We agree on a trial period of 1 month and ask for a commitment of at least 9 months.

Would you like to work with us? Fill out this <a href=”https://goo.gl/QUgcAy”>form</a> for the first step, goodbye!

Cleaning vacancy
Real go-getter
With walking legs
Attention to detail

Hospitality employee
Face of the inn
Check in and out
Furnishing accommodations
assistant cook

Hospitality volunteer
Kitchen Aid
Decoration area
Flowers on the table
Tour the grounds
making jam

Garden volunteer
food forest
Garden experience
Sowing & Harvesting
Wood splitting
chainsaw work

Build volunteer
Executive projects

Handyman vacancy
Ecological approach
Widely applicable