In 2022 we are opening our doors of our eco-hostel / mini-camping again. For this year we plan for just 10 accommodations. While we are opening the camping acco’s and area’s we are also building the facilities of the terrain at the same time (showers, kitchens, chalets, hottub etc.) while maintaining a big vegetable garden, building a chicken scoop, creating the food forest etc. Our team consist usually of a mix of professional and volunteer staff, temporary, inhouse, local and international people. Our main language is English but speaking Dutch or multiple-languages is a pre.

We are happy to offer our guests a home away from home and a so called ‘quirky farm stay’. We need you to convey that feeling. The morning starts early by preparing the breakfast for the guests, after checkout (until 12) you’ll be doing standard housekeeping tasks. Every area and accommodation should be tidy before next check-in. The night shift prepares (multiple portions of a) homecooked fresh diner, makes the guests feel at home and make sure the night runs smoothly.

You are the face (and ears) of our inn and you make sure everything is running smoothly and the camping feels ‘gezellig’. A bit of garden experience is nice so you can help with the harvesting and diner preps. With your logical and efficient way of thinking, you do not walk unnecessarily on the terrain (guest areas). Also you have an eye for detail, are a perfectionistic with a good dose of pragmatism. You like to tackle problems, have ‘walking legs’ and you are physically fit. It is a plus if you are at home with an organic lifestyle and know a bit about gardening and food foresting. You like cleaning and you are eager to make (and eat!) homemade products. You are an important relationship in our network, which is why we are happy to connect with you for the long term. This summer you’ll be camping in your own tent or we provide you with one. You are paid a legal minimum wage which in Holland is based on you age. We’ll deduce 25 euro’s per day for lodging and the home cooked fresh meals that we serve (lunch and dinner) and the breakfast you choose..

We are still in development, so it is important that you feel comfortable in a dynamic working environment with speckles of stress her and there. We work hard and fast and things can change soon. We are perfectionists and we like action more than talking about it. We enjoy socializing and the Burgundian life but keep a daily working routine/schedule.

During the summer we provide a shared tent for you to sleep in our bring your own.
We are looking for hosts that want to stay 2 months/6 weeks and we pay the expenses.
Or volunteers that stay 2/3 weeks and mainly help with the cleaning.

Note: We are not vegetarian perse and if we do eat meat its local and treated well.