When can i book?
In 2021 we will be open from July 29 to October 31.
In 2022 probably from mid-May onwards.

What accommodations do yo have?
In 2021: Two rooms in the house (Bres & Hoya), the Pipowagen, the Black Betty caravan, a Bell Tent (Panza), a Tiny T(ent). Later this year (2021) also a Yurt (Mimosa),  a safari tent (Lampetee) and a cosy, green German ‘army unit’ (Jeeva).

Are there private sanitary facilities?
No, all accommodations (inside and outside) have shared toilets and showers. At the moment there are multiple toilets, 2 urinals and 3 showers. In august 2021 more compost toilets will be installed at the far end of the terrain.

Is the campsite wheelchair accessible?
Because we are just starting out inside a forest and not everything has paved paths yet, this is for now only accessible for the really, really adventurous wheelchair user.

What about cooking? Can I cook something, somewhere?
We are currently busy realizing a new 40m2 camping kitchen next to the pond. In august you will be able to cook and wash dishes there. Also a big, long wooden table will be provided to hold your plate while you eat.

Do you also provide meals?
Yes, you can book breakfast, meals and/or dinner, which we will deliver to your accommodation or serve fresh in the camping kitchen.

Why separate linen package/cleaning costs?
Unlike hostels and hotels, we do charge a separate linen package and cleaning fee. But it is charged per booking and not per night. This is because we want to encourage people to stay more than 1 night. The total price for 2 nights is then a lot cheaper than when you use an inclusive price for 1 night.

What is the tourist tax?
The tourist tax in 2021 for campsites in the Municipality of Groningen is 2 euros per person per night.

Are dogs allowed?
We love animals (and dogs too) But.. our campsite is the home of 9+ cats (we stopped counting). As you know the story of ‘dogs and cats’ we do not encourage the guests to add dogs to the mix.

Where can I book?
You are encouraged to book directly on this website (through our own Checkfront booking channel). You can also book through other channels such as booking.com, AirBNB or Hostelworld. A surcharge is charged here.

What about the organisation of the Helleborus?
We have a dynamic mix of permanent people, temporary workers, volunteers and paid people.

Would you like to come and help us?
If you are able to help us out for more than 10 days we are interested. If you want to work for a shorter period, a day or 2, ask us when the next ‘work along weekend’ is scheduled.. We will work together in a group for a weekend and get things done.