If you look closely, between the trees, guests and tents, you can spot them: the small four-legged inhabitants of De Helleborus. Usually they laze away but there is also work to be done. This team of ‘Toms’ is responsible for capturing the ‘Jerries’.

Sjimmie: The eldest of the bunch. One of the four men of the house. This red tomcat lost his wild hair and his tail to a mowing machine in the meadow. Fortunately he survived and is lying on our foot of the bed every night. Often he looks up higher and tries to climb a tree without a tail. He also likes to talk and listen sometimes you think he understands the ‘human language’.

Jip: Our forest cat. Now an adolescent and always the first to have breakfast. Favorite place: the camping kitchen of course: attention and snacks galore.

Yes, you may know them from TV: Rennie & Stimpie. A crazy duo, sweet but special cases.
Stimpie: is the alpha cat of the property and guards the driveway.
Rennie: is his son and likes men.

Then there’s the “pirate family” of black cats. They usually hang around the house and on the meadows around it.
Sara: is the smallest cat of the bunch and the mother of Mia, Mosa and Mauwie.
Mia: you don’t often see her on the grounds but she is hugger nr.1
Mosa: also a wonderful cuddler. Just like her mother, sister and brother somewhat shy. But on contact, she always likes to look deep into your eyes.
Mauwie: is a super sweet little man but a bit shy of people. And rightly so, because those ‘people’ took him to a scary doctor who fiddled with his ear. Although he used to be a beautiful black shiny man, the operation has left him permanently mutilated and his ear is permanently broken. This put a dent in his self-confidence. Since then he distrusts people who are ‘kind’ to him. But if you manage to gain his trust, you can cuddle with him for a long time.

And the one with the one eye? Sammie! She is now in cat heaven, but because of her photogenicity she will get a place of honor in the gallery. This brave lady has reached the respectable age of 20 years and was not afraid of anyone. The bigger the dog the more she stood her ground.

As you may understand, we do not allow dogs on the property so that harmony remains with our cat crew!
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